"I kept coming back to your meetings because you never made me or others feel bad. You are a powerful, positive person.  You are giving and a loving person who wants us all to success.  Thank you for being my friend."

                                                            - Stephanie Brown -- Middletown, Delaware

"Tracy is one of the most motivational people I've ever met. She has a gift for seeing people's accomplishments, and helping them move past their downfalls and focus on their goals. With her help and guidance I was able to lose nearly 50 pounds."

                                                               - Jean Wysocki -- Wilmington, Delaware


"Loved Tracy from the get go. She is motivating, encouraging, funny, but most of all, her best quality is she listens to you and your problems and figures out how to turn you around toward your goals! Love what I am learning now with Tracy"

                                                              -Theresa Townsend -- Townsend, Delaware

"I never wanted to miss a meeting even if I knew I gained because your energy and your encouragement made me want to keep going and do better."

               - Nicole Michelle -- Wilmington, Delaware

From Just a Few of Our Happy Clients...

"It was almost a pleasure to come on Tuesday mornings because we knew you would be full of energy, upbeat about the weight loss journey and also be a wealth of inspiration and information to keep us on track......IF we followed your advice. You gave us grocery store tips and introduced new foods that we might not have found on our own which added healthy variety to our meal selections. You celebrated our successes and spurred us on to never give up."

                                              - Mary-Elizabeth Rhoads -- Middletown, Delaware

"I met you the first night and loved your energy and sarcasm, your quirkiness. I loved how you listened instead of preached. Your enthusiasm, energy and positiveness kept me going back week to week.  I've come a long way, not just on the scale, but in my head. I blame you for that, lol. You let me know what I needed to do to lose the weight, and you didn't harp on me to do it, You gave the info and tools, if I did it, it worked, if I didn't it didn't, I was held accountable. Thank you!"

                                                                    - Annie Kelley -- Harrington, Delaware