Grocery Store Tour

  • 60-minute Grocery Tour
  • Read Food Labels Guide
  • Comparison Shopping Tips
  • Recipe and Idea Tips

Meal Planning Workshops

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My One on One Coaching will motivate, inspire and drive you to achieve your goal.  It will be an open discussion on what is important to you and your success!

One on one coaching

Our Services

  • 30-minute Group Session
  • 15-minute Weekly One on One Coaching
  • ‚ÄčEmail Support
  • Monthly Grocery Store Tour
  • Weekly Recipes
  • Weekly Wellness Tips
  • Closed Facebook Group

We offer a variety of options to help you achieve your ideal healthy and happy lifestyle!  These include group sessions, one on one coaching, grocery store tours, meal planning workshops, body cleansing and much more to come!

The Store Tour provides you guidance to make good food choices.  I will help you make healthier options and teach you to read and understand food labels.

Are you ready to invest in a healthy and happy lifestyle?

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This informative workshop will give you the tools and resources for building healthy balanced meals.  You will learn how to create meals based on healthy choices.

Learn how your body reacts to the types of food you eat and why it is important to be aware of how it makes you feel.

Body Cleansing

Group sessions

  • 30-minute Weekly Sessions or;
  • 60-minute Weekly Sessions
  • Weekly Wellness Tips

My group sessions are fun, informative, engaging and more importantly educational so that you walk away feeling empowered to succeed!