My name is Tracy Rodriquez.   Like many of my clients, I struggled to lose weight.  More importantly, it was challenging to maintain the weight loss.   My bubbly and energetic self was gone, instead I was quiet, self conscious and embarrassed.  So I decided to try Weight Watchers.  In 13 months I lost 80 pounds and was back to a healthy weight. Soon afterwards in May 2000, I became a leader and trainer which provided me the tools and skills to help others succeed in losing weight.  

As a result of both my work and personal experiences, I have grown to love teaching and helping others to live a healthy, happy lifestyle. When you attend one of my meetings, you will see my bubbly and energetic side.  I will keep you engaged.  I will make your experience fun and informative.  Above all, I will be your backbone, your support system to get you to achieve your goal.



Who we are


Healthy Habits, Healthy Living, LLC. started with a simple premise: Make available the resources and support needed to live a healthy lifestyle. The key is changing your behaviors and habits to accomplish a healthy and happier you!

We are committed to providing an array of ways to achieve your goals.  In addition, we will provide a foundation to meet your objective in a fun and informative manner.  We educate and assist you in reconnecting with your mind so that you are in tune with your body.  Learn to listen to what your body is telling you. 

If you want to achieve a healthy lifestyle, we are here to support, guide & encourage you along the way!